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Kodak Digital Display

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Kodak Digital Display


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Reminiscent of an old fashioned slide show, the Kodak Digital Display uses its retro frame and nostalgic images to trigger soothing memories of times gone by.

What is a Kodak Digital Display?

The Kodak digital display is a frame, presented in the style of a retro Kodak Kodachrome slide, containing a nostalgic image. Therefore, both the slide show displayed and the slide surround itself recreate that bygone feel. It is designed to stir memories of gathering around the slide projector to view the holiday snaps; something that has disappeared in this digital age.

Why use a Kodak Digital Display?

Kodak digital displays can be used as a slide show: a series of slide-style images; or with moving video images. It’s a great talking piece, designed to trigger conversation about the past. Nostalgia has an important role in the treatment of those living with dementia and it’s often these oldest memories that remain the most intact and it can really help to talk about them.

Other nostalgia products include the 1950s style TV and memory boxes.

Where would you use a Kodak Digital Display?

Kodak digital displays work really well in dementia friendly environments, perhaps as part of a reminisce area or themed wall display. They are usually used in shared areas and can be helpful for wayfinding.

The Benefits of a Kodak Digital Display

  • Promotes nostalgia
  • Entire presentation is in keeping with retro slide display
  • Can be used as a slide show or moving image video
  • Helps with wayfinding
  • Promotes calm
  • Meets all standard on H&S and hygiene for hospital displays

Case Studies

See Kodak digital display used at King's Mill Hospital and Bradford Royal Infirmary


“By talking about who they are, people with dementia can help others focus on them, and not their dementia.”

Alzheimer’s Society


Credit: Product concepts by Andy Edwards Design-Leeds