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Our Health Products

Our own unique product, Picture This is an innovative sliding display system that can be changed very easily, as often or as little as you like.

What is Picture This?

Picture This is a display system that consists of a wall mounted rail and interchangeable image panels that slide out. Our own unique design, we created the Picture This system to allow hospitals and care homes to easily change the images on the wards and rooms.

Why use Picture This?

Changing the images allows you to refresh the environment as often as you want to. They can be changed with the seasons or for key events such as Christmas. This is particularly good for providing stimulus for long term patients. We can provide packs of images, which can represent a range of subjects including landscapes, nature, wildlife, floral and architectural, or can be your own or meaningful to your area.

Our other display products include wall murals and Kodak digital display.

Where would you use Picture This?

Picture This can be used in hospitals or care homes. It can be used in shared public spaces such as wards and corridors as well as private rooms where panels can be changed to something appropriate to the person staying there.

The Benefits of Picture This at a Glance

  • Enables pictures to be changed easily
  • Provide stimulus for patients and service users
  • Images can be personalised
  • Box sets of images available
  • We can print your own images – contact us for details

Case Studies

See Picture This used at Bradford Royal Infirmary, RDaSH and St Catherine's Hospital


Credit: Product concepts by Andy Edwards Design-Leeds