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Is your public space dementia friendly?

Posted on Sun 16th Jun, 2019 in: Dementia Signage

dementia signage

Why dementia signage is not just appropriate for dementia environments

When designing public spaces, wayfinding is a key objective and signage will be given top priority but have you ever considered how to make that signage dementia friendly? You may think that the place for dementia signage is in a dementia environment such as a care home or hospital but not something that's necessary in a shopping centre or a museum or even a town centre. But people with dementia want to live well with the condition and that means leading as full a life as they can. There are different stages of dementia and not everyone that is affected by it remains confined within a care environment, they still go shopping or swimming or to the pub and public spaces that have taken steps to enable them to navigate it effectively can make a big contribution to helping them enjoy a full life.

Perhaps one of the perceptions of dementia signage that puts people off placing it in public spaces is the design of it with garish colour schemes and cartoon-like images. However, modern dementia signage is not like that. Signage can follow all the principles of dementia signage and be aesthetically pleasing and there's no reason why most dementia signage can't double as regular signage if it is designed well.

So consider how dementia friendly your public space is and what you could be doing to be more inclusive. 

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