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A false fireplace helps create a homely, familiar room setting in a hospital or care home without any of the health & safety risks or maintenance of a real fire

What is False Fireplace?

A false fireplace is as it sounds: a graphic representation of a fire and surround that can display an image of a roaring fire or embers.

Why use False Fireplace?

A fireplace can transform an otherwise clinical-looking hospital room into something much more welcoming, homely and familiar. For those living with dementia, this feeling of familiarity can be a great comfort. Because the image of a fire burning and a fire out are easily interchangeable, it can help to indicate the season or weather which can help a person with dementia connect with the passing of time.
Other changeable displays include false windows, Picture This, memory boxes and reversible mirrors.

Where would you use False Fireplace?

False fireplaces work particularly well in reminisce rooms but can work in any dementia friendly environment in a hospital or care home.

The benefits of False Fireplace

Makes a room seem more homely and welcoming
An important element in a reminisce room
Creates the illusion of a fireplace when there isn’t one
Fire surround can be created in a range of styles
Interchangeable images to depict whether the fire is ‘lit’ or not
None of the usual H&S issues associated with real fires
Creates a focal point for a room
Helps a space feel more like a home setting than a hospital room


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