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Some with dementia find looking into a mirror distressing because they don’t recognise their own reflection. A reversible mirror offers an alternative

What is Reversible Mirrors?

A reversible mirror is what the name suggests; an object that is a mirror on one side and a calming image on the other. Either side can be used as appropriate and is simple to change.

Why use Reversible Mirrors?

Mirrors form part of our everyday life but for some with dementia, the reflections can be frightening because they don’t recognise the person they see as themselves. Simply taking all mirrors away isn’t helpful because each person has different needs.
With our reversible mirror you can turn it one way or the other, according to what the person using it feels comfortable with.
Other products that can be used to help calm people with dementia include our 1950s style TV, digital aquarium, reminisce rooms and memory boxes.

Where would you use Reversible Mirrors?

You would normally use a reversible mirror in personal space occupied by someone living with dementia. This can be in a bedroom or a bathroom.

The benefits of Reversible Mirrors

Minimises distress associated with reflections
Good for dementia friendly environments
Reverse picture can be personalised
Meets all required standards on H&S and hygiene


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