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Our dementia signage uses the latest thinking on dementia communications to make signage clear

What is Dementia Signage?

Dementia signage does what general signage does – helps people find their way around – but is specifically designed to aid comprehension for those with dementia. It calls into play various theories on how those with dementia take in information and uses them in its design. Our dementia signage uses a combination of colour contrast theory, light reflectance value, pictorial images and words to augment understanding.

Why use Dementia Signage?

We are all familiar with the concept of signage and its importance in large, complex buildings such as hospitals for wayfinding. People living with dementia find it particularly difficult to understand signage and so require additional aids to help them find their way. Using signage designed specifically for those with dementia gives them maximum opportunity to find their way around which has the obvious advantages of getting them to the right place but also minimises anxiety.
All too often, dementia signage has typically been seen as brash and child-like but we have developed a signage range that is appropriate as well as effective.
Our other dementia products that aid wayfinding include external healthcare signage, wall murals, Picture This, memory boxes and internal wayfinding signage.

Where would you use Dementia Signage?

Dementia signage should be used within any dementia friendly environment or any public space that leads to one. Our range includes standard door signage for bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms and communal areas and tailored directional and wayfinding signage for wards, corridors, lifts and other areas to aid navigation. It works equally well in hospital wards and care home settings.

The benefits of Dementia Signage

Maximises wayfinding for those with dementia
Uses latest theories on optimum visual aids for achieving understanding
Includes signage for all relevant areas of dementia friendly environments
Meets all required standards for H&S and hygiene


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