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Our memory boxes allow you to display an object that is meaningful to the patient, or is relevant to the space, to facilitate wayfinding and reinforce reminisce therapy

What is Memory Boxes?

Dementia memory boxes are boxes that contain an item or items that are meaningful in some way to a person or environment. This may be a treasured personal item, or an object that someone with dementia can associate with their past. Our memory boxes are clear Perspex boxes that allow the contents to be viewed from all angles.

Why use Memory Boxes?

Memory boxes work on the principles of reminiscence or ‘life story’ therapy. Because the oldest memories are the ones that people with dementia retain the best it can give them great comfort to see and talk about items that trigger those memories.
Not only do they promote reassurance and familiarity, they can help with the practical issue of wayfinding – helping them locate their own space.
Other nostalgia products include the Kodak digital display and retro TVs.

Where would you use Memory Boxes?

Memory boxes are designed for dementia friendly environments. They can be mounted above or at the side of a patient’s bed or outside their door.

The benefits of Memory Boxes

Offer familiarity
Offer comfort
Help with wayfinding
Trigger memories
Sturdy, easy to clean and meets all standards on H&S and hygiene


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