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Well thought-out, clear directional and information signage is vital in any healthcare environment

What is Signage?

External healthcare signage is the directional and customer information signage found outside hospital (and care home) buildings. This can include post signs, built up letters, illuminated signage, LED signage, totems & monoliths.

Why use Signage?

Hospitals can be daunting buildings to approach due to their scale and the nature of people’s visits. Good quality, well planned external signage is vital to get people to the right car park and the right entrance. Care homes are slightly different in that they usually occupy a much smaller space and the signage therefore tends to be less formal.
We also offer a range of signage for non-health organisations.
Our other products that aid wayfinding include dementia signage, wall murals, Picture This, memory boxes and internal wayfinding signage.

Where would you use Signage?

Good external signage should be used around the entire area of a hospital, particularly at entrances, car parks, entry points and around the perimeter of the hospital.

The benefits of Signage

Aids wayfinding
Reduces anxiety
Reduces missed/late appointments
Vital in emergences


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