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A virtual fish tank with all the soothing, therapeutic qualities of a regular aquarium but none of the maintenance

What is Digital Aquarium?

Our digital aquarium is an artificial fish tank – a digital screen that recreates the look and sounds of a fish tank for hospitals and care homes. Our virtual fish tank is pre-loaded with over 9 hours of video which is suitable even for those areas where people spend long periods of time.

Why use Digital Aquarium?

The therapeutic values of watching fish swimming in a tank are well documented. The sounds, the colours and the gentle movement of the fish are extremely calming. Fish tanks were commonplace on wards or care homes in years gone by however the issues of hygiene and resources mean that they are often no longer feasible.
A digital fish tank offers the same therapeutic benefits of a regular tank but none of the maintenance or hygiene concerns.
Other therapeutic products that we offer include 1950s style TVs, memory boxes and Kodak Digital Displays.

Where would you use Digital Aquarium?

These virtual aquariums are perfect for dementia friendly environments because of their calming properties. They can also offer benefits to wider medical environments such as children’s wards, care homes and even clinics and surgeries. They are generally used in public spaces.

The benefits of Digital Aquarium

Reduce anxiety
Promotes calm
No maintenance required
No feeding required!
Meets H&S and hygiene standards required


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