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Pinderfields Hospital

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Our Case Studies

We helped Pinderfields create 6 new end-of-life rooms to allow patients to stay with their family in a space that does not feel like a hospital ward.

50 years ago the campaign group, Mother Care for Sick Children fought for the right for family members to stay in hospital with their sick children when in for a prolonged period. This is now considered common practice and a significant aid to recovery and yet adults do not have the same options as children even now.

John’s Campaign fights for the right for those with dementia to have the same rights to have family stay in hospital with them as children.

The Solution

Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield shared this vision and set out to create 6 end-of-life rooms for use by patients and their family. These rooms are much more than private hospital rooms; they have been designed to create a home from home environment.


The 6 rooms each have bespoke wallpaper-style graphics and are designed to invoke a feeling of nostalgia. They meet a range of functional objectives including theories about how those with dementia will respond as well as the necessary health & safety standards required in a hospital environment.

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Anita Ruckledge, Dementia Lead Nurse

"These rooms have been designed with comfort, dignity and respect at the fore front. We strongly believe that they will help us deliver care in the setting that these very vulnerable patients deserve."