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BBC archives helping reminiscence therapy

Posted on Mon 26th Jun, 2017 in: Dementia Friendly EnvironmentsDementia Friendly Products


Thought repeats on the telly was a bad thing? Old BBC footage is helping people living with dementia

While TV stations often face criticism for showing repeats, there is actually a real value to old shows and documentaries for those living with dementia. It fits in with the theory of reminiscence therapy – stimulating long term memory with material from the past. That is why the BBC has created RemArc – the BBC Reminiscence Archive; an online archive of video, audio and images going back as far as the 1930s. You can search by decade or by theme such as sports, events or people. The archive is open to the public to access here.

We were really interested to hear of this service as it fits very well with the products that we have developed to aid nostalgia such as our Kodak Digital Display and especially our Retro TVs. The Retro TVs are designed to play vintage footage such as DVDs from the Yorkshire Film Archive and the device itself is also styled to be reminiscent of bygone eras. We can see that having access to as extensive an archive as the BBC’s could be a really tool for this kind of therapy.

BBC tech boss Matthew Postgate said: "It has been fascinating to hear accounts of how the service has helped improve quality of life for patients and their families, friends and carers. I am very proud of the work that BBC RemArc has done and we will continue to work to improve the service to best serve their needs."



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