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How to manage a fear of reflection in dementia care

Posted on Wed 13th Mar, 2019 in: Dementia Friendly EnvironmentsDementia Friendly ProductsFear Of Reflection In Dementia

fear of reflection in dementia

Our article for The Care Home Environment Magazine


We have spoken at length on the blog about the issue of fear of reflection in dementia. This is a significant issue in dementia care and there are different opinions about how to manage it. We have drawn upon our knowledge and experience of the issue and written an article for The Care Home Environment magazine – a leading magazine for the care home sector. This comes from the research and development that has gone into creating our Reversible Mirrors to provide a solution for dementia care environments.


In it we look at the reasons behind fear of reflection, why people with the later stages of dementia don’t recognise themselves, and what care homes can do to mitigate it – and it’s really not just about removing all mirrors, it's also about choice.


You can read the article here.


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