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The power of interior design to aid well-being in dementia environments

Posted on Wed 16th Jan, 2019 in: Dementia Friendly Environments

  The theories of how good interior design can have a positive effect on well-being is well documented. A recent article here on the Barbour website gives an overview of how aspects such as colour, lighting, acoustics and furniture can influence the space’s occupants, in either a positive or negative way: some colours can visually stimulate but others can overwhelm; light can improve m...

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Memory boxes and their role in wayfinding for people with dementia

Posted on Mon 26th Nov, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products

  A recent article in The Care Home Environment Magazine by Peter Rose, the owner of The Care Home Designer, discusses seven key elements that are fundamentally important to how well a care home will function. These elements are colour schemes, themes, wayfinding, personalisation, destinations, lighting and toilets/bathrooms. We were particularly interested in what he had to say about wayfin...

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Is simply removing items the best strategy for people living with dementia?

Posted on Fri 26th Oct, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products

  Don’t we have a responsibility to find an alternative rather than just take something away?   Often the everyday items that surround us can become inappropriate for people with dementia due to the risk of harm or the distress that they can cause. Obviously if this is the case then it wouldn’t be appropriate to ignore these items, knowing their effects could be detrimenta...

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Music Memories for Dementia

Posted on Fri 19th Oct, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, General News

  BBC launches Music Memories website to help people with dementia create nostalgia playlists   Sometimes, hearing a piece of music can take us right back to a certain time in our lives just as effectively as an old photograph can. For someone living with dementia, anything that prompts the recall of long term memories can be excellent for reminiscence therapy and music is no exceptio...

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‘My friend in the mirror’: reflections are not always frightening in dementia

Posted on Mon 17th Sep, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products

  Different responses to reflection reinforce the need for choice   We have covered the issue of the fear of reflection for people with dementia several times on the blog and detailed how distressing it can be to not recognise your reflection as yourself. The distress usually stems from believing that person to be a stranger but it doesn’t necessarily affect all people with deme...

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