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Dementia friendly pictures for care homes and hospitals

Posted on Mon 18th Jun, 2018 in: Art In Healthcare, Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products

  A guide to choosing appropriate pictures for dementia environments   One of our products, Reversible Mirrors, features a mirror on one side and a picture on the reverse. It is designed for those with dementia who experience a fear of their reflection (you can read more about this here) because it allows you to turn the mirror around to display the picture instead. Now, we all know t...

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Dementia Awareness Week

Posted on Thu 19th May, 2016 in: Art In Healthcare, Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products, Healthcare Projects

How does a signage company become involved with dementia friendly products?... This week is Dementia Awareness Week: a national campaign that encourages people to talk about dementia. We thought this would be an appropriate time to recap how we became involved with dementia care and what we’re trying to do as a company. You may wonder how on earth does a signage company become involve...

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Art for Healing

Posted on Thu 15th Oct, 2015 in: Art In Healthcare, Healthcare Projects

How hospitals are using visual stimulation to promote recovery and wellbeing It is a well-documented fact that a person’s state of mind has a big impact on recovery when they are unwell. Just as medicine and treatment aids the physical healing process, positivity and the stimulation of senses aids the psychological recovery. Nowhere is this more relevant than in a hospital environment. Back...

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