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How ‘progression’ could reduce aggression in A&E departments

Posted on Fri 28th Jun, 2019 in: Healthcare Projects, Hospital Design

Designing around the concept of flow to reduce frustration   Aggression and abuse is a growing problem in healthcare and a serious issue for those working in the sector with around 15% of NHS staff experiencing physical violence from patients, relatives or members of the public according to the latest NHS Staff Survey. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in A&E departments where the fru...

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Dementia signage not just for dementia environments

Posted on Sun 16th Jun, 2019 in: Dementia Design, Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products

Why all public spaces can, and should, be more dementia friendly   Dementia signage is, by necessity, different to regular wayfinding signage due to the different way a person with dementia perceives visual cues. Dementia signage is therefore commonplace now in dementia environments: care homes, hospitals, day centres etc, but its value is not limited to these specialist environments and if...

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