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Is simply removing items the best strategy for people living with dementia?

Posted on Fri 26th Oct, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, Dementia Friendly Products, Fear Of Reflection In Dementia

  Don’t we have a responsibility to find an alternative rather than just take something away?   Often the everyday items that surround us can become inappropriate for people with dementia due to the risk of harm or the distress that they can cause. Obviously if this is the case then it wouldn’t be appropriate to ignore these items, knowing their effects could be detrimenta...

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Music Memories for Dementia

Posted on Fri 19th Oct, 2018 in: Dementia Friendly Environments, General News

  BBC launches Music Memories website to help people with dementia create nostalgia playlists   Sometimes, hearing a piece of music can take us right back to a certain time in our lives just as effectively as an old photograph can. For someone living with dementia, anything that prompts the recall of long term memories can be excellent for reminiscence therapy and music is no exceptio...

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