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False Fireplace

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False Fireplace


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False fireplaces help create a homely, familiar room setting in a hospital or care home without any of the health & safety risks or maintenance of a real fire.

What is a False Fireplace?

A false fireplace is as it sounds: a graphic representation of a fire and surround that can display an image of a roaring fire or embers.

Why use a False Fireplace?

A fireplace can transform an otherwise clinical-looking hospital room into something much more welcoming, homely and familiar. For those living with dementia, this feeling of familiarity can be a great comfort. Because the image of a fire burning and a fire out are easily interchangeable, it can help to indicate the season or weather which can help a person with dementia connect with the passing of time.

Other changeable displays include false windows, Picture Thismemory boxes and reversible mirrors.

Where would you use a False Fireplace?

False fireplaces work particularly well in reminisce rooms but can work in any dementia friendly environment in a hospital or care home.

The Benefits of False Fireplaces at a Glance

  • Makes a room seem more homely and welcoming
  • An important element in a reminisce room
  • Creates the illusion of a fireplace when there isn’t one
  • Fire surround can be created in a range of styles
  • Interchangeable images to depict whether the fire is ‘lit’ or not
  • None of the usual H&S issues associated with real fires
  • Creates a focal point for a room
  • Helps a space feel more like a home setting than a hospital room

Case Studies

See false fireplaces used at King's Mill Hospital