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False Windows

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False Windows


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False windows allow dementia friendly environments to create the illusion of outside space even in rooms with no natural light.

What is a False Window?

A false window is exactly as the name suggests; an artificial window frame that can display a range of different outdoor scenes.

Why use False Window?

A false window mounted to the wall creates a feeling of the outdoors. Because you can easily slide image panels behind the window frame, these can change as often as you like. This can be particularly useful for depicting changing seasons and helping people with dementia connect with the passing of time.

Other changeable displays include false fireplacesPicture This, memory boxes and reversible mirrors.

Where Would You Use False Window?

False windows are particularly useful for areas that no have no natural light or external windows but can be used in any space within a dementia-friendly environment.

The Benefits of False Window at a Glance

  • Brings an impression of the outside in
  • Creates an illusion of a window where there isn’t one
  • Good for rooms with no natural light or external windows
  • Boards depicting the seasons can be inserted to mark the passing of time
  • None of the usual H&S issues associated with real windows