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Pin Free Notice Boards

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Pin Free Notice Boards


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Display information without the health & safety issues associated with pins or the mess and untidiness of blue tack, tape and sticky fixers.

What is a Pin free Notice Board?


A pin free notice board is a display board that works using a clever grip system that requires no pins or other fixings. Simply insert your paper into the clip system and it will ‘grab’ it instantly.


Why use a Pin free Notice Board?


There are several advantages to pin free notice boards: no pins means no sharps which can represent a health and safety hazard in hospitals; no messy fixings such as blue tack, which can lose its stick or tape which becomes dirty and unsightly after a while and can also have issues with germ control; no damage to the paper, which can be added and removed as many times as you like; and notices can be placed easily with just one hand.


Other informational products that we offer include dry wipe/magnetic display, signage and wayfinding.


Where Would You Use a Pin free Notice Board?


Pin free notice boards can be used anywhere you need to communicate information.


The Benefits of Pin free Notice Boards at a Glance


  • No pins or fixings required
  • No damage to notices/paper
  • Can be used one-handed
  • Meets all required standards for H&S and hygiene



Credit: Product concepts by Andy Edwards Design-Leeds


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