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Retro TVs

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Retro TVs


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Using a retro TV surround and displaying dementia friendly DVDs, our retro style TVs combines the best of vintage style and modern technology.

What is a Retro TV Display?

A Retro TV display is just that – a digital screen with a retro surround, designed to look like the post-war TVs that the older generation will remember.

Why use a Retro TV Display?

As with the Kodak digital display, the Retro TV is designed to promote nostalgia both in form and in content. It works as a stand-alone item and in the context of a reminisce room. Nostalgia therapy works very well in the care of those with dementia and this is a great addition to any dementia friendly environment. Because the age of those living with dementia can vary, we offer two styles of retro TV; a 1950s style TV and a 1970s/80s style TV. You can read more about why it's important to have a choice here.

Other nostalgia products include the Kodak digital display and memory boxes.

Where would you use a Retro TV Display?

These work particularly well in dementia friendly environments in hospitals, care homes and other public spaces. They are particularly suited to one to one therapy.

The Benefits of a Retro TV Display at a Glance

  • Promotes nostalgia
  • Entire presentation is in keeping with retro TV
  • Promotes calm
  • Meets all standard on H&S and hygiene for hospital displays
  • Good for dementia friendly environments and reminisce rooms
  • Good for one to one therapy

Case Studies

See Retro TVs being used at King's Mill Hospital