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Reversible Mirrors

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Reversible Mirrors


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Some with dementia find looking into a mirror distressing because they don’t recognise their own reflection. A reversible mirror offers an alternative.

What is a Reversible Mirror?


A reversible mirror is what the name suggests; a wall mounted picture frame that contains a removable polycarbonate mirror panel with a calming image on the reverse. Either side can be used as appropriate and is simple to change.

Why use a Reversible Mirror?


Fear of one’s own reflection can be common with dementia and this can cause significant distress. This fear is related to how people with dementia perceive themselves. Because many identify with long term memories rather than shorter term ones (and by short term, that can mean the last 20 or 30 years), they will often think of themselves as a much younger person, often as being in their 20s and 30s around the time they were getting married, setting up home and raising children. Imagine then looking in a mirror and seeing someone much older than you think you are. If you are lucid enough to know that it is a reflection but it’s not what you expect to see or if you just think that it’s a stranger there in your room, then either way that could be very upsetting.


Read more about fear of reflection or see our article in The Care Home Environment magazine.


Many advocate that care homes or hospitals simply remove all mirrors but we think that takes away choice for those people who are not frightened by reflections. Taking pride in one’s appearance is very important to many and it’s beneficial for people to have this option. We developed the Reversible Mirror to allow dementia environments to install a mirror in private rooms that can easily be turned around to display a dementia friendly picture. This can make each bedroom/en suite appropriate whether the occupant themselves changes or the needs of the occupant changes over time.


Where would you use a Reversible Mirror?


Reversible Mirrors are intended for areas in care homes or hospitals where the occupants of the room may change periodically. Reversible Mirrors can be used in private bedrooms, bathrooms and en-suites. When someone with a fear of reflection comes to use the room (or should the occupant develop a fear as their dementia progresses), the mirror can easily be turned around to the dementia friendly picture on the reverse.


The Benefits of Reversible Mirrors at a Glance


  • Minimises distress associated with reflections
  • Easy to turn from mirror to picture and vice versa
  • Robust aluminium profile frame
  • Mirror material is lightweight, shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Wipe clean picture side
  • Large library of pictures to choose from
  • Good for dementia friendly environments
  • Meets all required standards on H&S and hygiene


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